Google mobile search highlights the freshest news stories

If you've performed a search with the Google box on your mobile device today, you might've noticed something a bit different in the results. When you make a query for a topic, now it'll populate results with a rotating carousel of the "freshest and most relevant content" from a single source according to Google's blog. In practice, it looks exactly like the GIF above. This'll even work for individual websites, too. For example, doing a search for "Engadget" brings up our recent stories, with a link to watch our JXE stream of Life is Strange in a YouTube section just below it.

As our sister site TechCrunch points out, this applies to keywords as well. "Startup" populates a gaggle of its latest stories about, well, startups, while "Xbox" brings back news from and "PS4" returns with posts from PlayStation Blog, for example. It's an effort to further highlight top content on the web in a way that isn't just a blue hyperlink with a bit of text underneath -- a bit like the recent health-fact addition. Google says that if your favorite website isn't getting this treatment just yet to hold tight as more are on their way.