LG's premium smartwatch now comes with LTE and mobile payments

Believe it or not, LG already has an upgraded version of its luxurious Watch Urbane: meet the Watch Urbane LTE, a souped-up version that focuses on speedy mobile data. The timepiece (which isn't using Android Wear) isn't as substantial a phone replacement as Samsung's Gear S, but it will let you leave your handset at home sometimes. You can make LTE phone calls, share your GPS location, translate foreign speech and hold walkie talkie-style voice chats. LG has also upgraded the battery from 410mAh to a hefty 700mAh, so your cellular wristwear shouldn't conk out prematurely.

This isn't a one-trick pony, either. Besides the addition of GPS, the Urbane LTE is one of the first smartwatches beyond the Apple Watch to include NFC-based mobile payments. So long as there's proper support (LG isn't going into details yet), you can tap your wrist to pay instead of fishing your phone out of your pocket. And you may have noticed that there are three buttons on the side instead of the regular Urbane's one -- those are for navigation and quick settings, LG says. There's no mention of when you can get the Watch Urbane LTE, but you can be sure that we'll take a closer look at it when Mobile World Congress kicks off next month.

LG Watch Urbane LTE