Samsung Galaxy S6 leak hints at a slim, glass-backed body

HTC isn't the only mobile company having trouble keeping its 2015 flagship phone under wraps. XDA-Developers forum member reefur has posted photos of what's believed to be a prototype Samsung Galaxy S6 for AT&T. The tipster was understandably worried about giving it a spin, but he notes that this handset is "pretty slim" and more upscale than Galaxy S phones of the past. In addition to the expected metal frame, Samsung's usual plastic backing has been replaced with glass à la the iPhone 4 and Nexus 4 -- don't drop this, folks. There also doesn't appear to be either a removable battery or a microSD card slot, which is bound to disappoint some fans if this is what shows up at Samsung's March 1st event.

Update: We've added a side-by-side comparison with the Galaxy S6 Edge to the gallery as well.

It's not quite clear that this is what you'll get, mind you. Notice how the phone doesn't look much like the curvy GS6 seen in teaser shots from the big US carriers? You could be looking at a plainer variant of that hardware (rumors have pointed to both vanilla and Edge models), but it's hard to say how much of this reflects a final product -- and there's no certainty that it's legit in the first place. The engineering markings and the seemingly half-finished rear camera suggest that there's at least some room for some extra polish. If this is anything like the real deal, though, you'll have a good idea of what to expect from Samsung throughout the year.