This Windows Phone Pebble app isn't available for long

Updated ·1 min read

The Pebble Time may have broke $1 million in Kickstarter pledges at a record-setting pace, but it likely didn't do that with much help from Windows Phone users. The wearable lacks an official first-party app for Redmond's handsets, but Microsoft apparently developed a demo internally to show the smartwatch company how Pebble might work within its ecosystem. You can download that from Windows Central right this moment, but there's a catch -- it'll only be up for 48 hours. Past that? Where else it could appear is up to the internet, really.

There are a few caveats here, however. For one, Windows Central says that all the app does is beam notifications from your device to your Pebble-clad wrist; there isn't an app store or support for new watch faces. Oh and you need a developer unlocked phone to use it as well. In case you're feeling adventurous, WC has a detailed description of how to make it all work.