NBC's rumored Apple TV app may require a cable plan

NBC Peacock

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is getting ready to launch an internet-based TV service this fall. Interestingly, though, one of the most prominent US television networks, NBC, reportedly won't be a part of the technology giant's upcoming offering. The news outlet cites a recent "falling-out" between Apple and cable provider Comcast (NBC's parent company), which is what likely affected the contract negotiations. Now, 9to5Mac is reporting that NBC will be launching its own app on the Apple TV later in 2015, one that it plans to use to livestream content 24/7. However, unlike Apple's rumored cord-cutter-friendly TV package, NBC's app is said to require a cable subscription in order to be accessed.

That NBC would do such thing isn't shocking; most networks nowadays ask for some form of pay-TV authentication if you want to enjoy their web content, both live or on-demand. Sure, it defeats the purpose of what Sling TV or whatever Apple calls its service are trying to do, but is anyone really surprised?

[Image credits: afagen/Flickr]