Twitter helps verified users keep trolls out of their tweets

It's not all sunshine and roses for Twitter's verified users. They may have more features, but that blue checkmark also makes them a bullseye for trolls, spammers and people who simply have a chip on their shoulder. This group should have an easier time having meaningful discussions from now on, though. Twitter has started giving verified iOS users a simple "quality filter" that lets them remove abusive remarks, duplicate content and suspicious accounts from their notifications. The social network already had tailored filtering, but this new option theoretically cleans things up with the flick of a switch.

Unfortunately, the filter isn't available for everyday users (at least, not at this stage) -- and that's a problem when Twitter is determined to both attract new users and keep existing ones from bailing due to everything from threats to a simple lack of conversation. Don't you deserve a quick way to keep harassment out of your feed? However, the move could still help you out even if you're not a celebrity, business magnate or journalist. A simple quality toggle will hopefully encourage these people to answer your questions and otherwise speak up when they'd otherwise be afraid of a backlash.

[Top image credit: Señor Nejo, Flickr]