ITV snatches rights to new 'Family Guy' episodes from the BBC

For as long as we can remember, BBC Three has been home to the animated comedy shows Family Guy and American Dad. The channel is being taken off the airwaves later this year, morphing into an online-only brand to save the Beeb some dough, and leaving a question mark over where the popular programmes would end up. And now we know the answer. Come autumn this year -- around the time BBC Three as we know it will cease to exist -- the 15th series of Family Guy will start airing exclusively on ITV2. As part of a multi-year deal with Twentieth Century Fox, ITV has also picked up the rights to new and existing seasons of American Dad, all four series of Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show, and Seth McFarlane's upcoming animated sitcom, Bordertown.

While the Beeb denies the move is directly related to BBC Three's new online agenda, budget considerations undoubtedly played a part, with the broadcaster saying only that "when a show becomes so successful it often becomes a target for other broadcasters." The Griffin family isn't totally parting ways with the BBC just yet, though, as the broadcaster still has rights to the entire Family Guy back catalogue until 2017, including the 14th season that's yet to premiere in the UK. So, for the time-being, you'll still be able to spend the last half an hour before bed enjoying Peter's antics without commercial interruption.