PlayStation's Spotify-powered music service starts today

Good riddance Music Unlimited; welcome to the party, PlayStation Music. The Spotify-powered music service goes live on PlayStation devices in 41 nations starting today. As we've reported previously, this means even if you're listening to Spotify's free, ad-supported tier you can listen to your favorite playlists in-game. Whether or not your top Drake songs work as well for bounty runs in Destiny as they do for Saturday morning cleaning is another matter entirely, though. And Xbox fans? For now, there's a 40-page thread on the Spotify forums where you can make a case for the app coming to your console of choice -- alas, that's not likely to happen in the immediate future it seems.

The service is coming to both PlayStation 3 and 4, and it's thanks to Spotify's established licensing deals that the service will be available in way more places than Sony's offering could (41 for Spotify, 19 for Sony). As per regular Spotify, the ad-supported version is free, or you can cough up $10 a month to listen without interruption. There is a free trial for newcomers, and if you were previously paying for Music Unlimited, then this is extended to 60 days. If you were worrying about being able to pick individual songs while playing games (rather than playlists etc. as is the case on some platforms), the good news is you can.