LG's Google Cast speakers are ready to take on Sonos in the US

We may have gotten a closer look at LG's latest audio gear back at CES, but now the collection of speakers and soundbars is shipping in the States. If you'll recall, the company's Music Flow line of gadgets is equipped with Google Cast -- the same tech that allows you to beam video to a TV via Chromecast. This means that you can send tunes to one of these speakers with your phone and a capable app. Speaking of apps, the current list of supported software includes Google Play Music, Pandora, Rdio, TuneIn and more. But what about Spotify? Well, the devices play nice with Spotify Connect for remote control duties, or there's a Music Flow controller app for Android and iOS. It's clear that LG is hoping you'll choose it over Sonos.

Like Sonos, you can connect to LG's in-home speakers over WiFi, which allows you to pair the gadgets for a more robust setup. For example, Home Cinema mode offers surround sound when you employ a soundbar and a couple of individual speakers. Or if you prefer, placing a speaker in different rooms of your house lets you either sync those units or play a different playlist from each -- all controlled from a phone or tablet with Multi-Room mode. Sounds familiar, right? LG also touts the Music Flow line as "a smart Hi-Fi audio system," but we'll have to reserve judgment on sound quality until we can put a few of the speakers through their paces.

The speakers are available in 30W, 40W and 70W options that range from $179 up to $379. For the soundbars, three models are priced at $499, $599 and $999 -- depending on how many speakers you'd like it to wield. Unfortunately, the portable H4 speaker won't ship until May. However, you may want to set aside $199 now if you're interested. As for the rest of the lot, you can nab those from places like Amazon and Best Buy right now.