Boost Mobile goes after Cuban-Americans with new prepaid plan

Now that the political relations between the US and Cuba have taken a turn for the better, American companies are pushing out marketing schemes to fit the bill. Today, Boost Mobile, Sprint's prepaid branch, announced a monthly plan that's geared toward customers who have loved ones in Cuba. The caveat, unfortunately, is that it's only available in Miami right now -- but the strategy makes sense, since it's a city with a dense population of Cuban-Americans. If you're there, $50 a month gets you unlimited text and 15 talk minutes to Cuba at 33 cents per minute -- which the company claims to be the lowest rate among prepaid carriers. Boost's Cuba Monthly Connection deal also includes 5GB of data and all-you-can-have texting and calling within the US, while $10 more monthly doubles your data.

We expect to see more of this type of initiatives in the near future, as both countries continue to thaw their frisky affairs. When asked if it planned to make the plan available outside Miami, something that would benefit people who live elsewhere across the States, Boost Mobile said it had no comment at this time.

[Image credit: Getty Images]