Sphero is turning the 'Star Wars' rolling droid into a real toy

BB-8, the new adorable droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has taken the world by storm over the past few days. In particular, people were mostly surprised by the fact that the character was not computer-generated imagery -- this thing is, indeed, real. Now, following earlier reports, Sphero, a company that makes robotic toys for entertainment and educational purposes, is confirming that its technology is behind Disney's now-famed BB-8 droid ball. And be ready, because there's a consumer version in the works. Sphero says it is teaming up with Disney to "deliver an incredible and authentic BB-8 experience." Further details (like pricing or availability) are slim at the moment, but Sphero did set up a landing page for people who want to stay updated on the project.

"What an incredible honor it is to work with the team at Disney on one of the most interesting new characters in the Star Wars franchise," Paul Berberian, Sphero's CEO, says about the chance to be involved with the popular movie franchise. "Opportunities this significant are rare. If anyone can execute and deliver on an exceptional BB-8 experience, it's our Sphero team in Boulder [Colorado]." He adds, "Our hardware and software technology advancements make it possible to build the toys of the future now. We are deepening the user connection in ways that, until today, have only been portrayed in science fiction."

But, since it could be a while before the official BB-8 toy comes out, you could always try making one yourself.