Chinese automaker shows off country's first EV sports car

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Chinese automaker shows off country's first EV sports car

It shouldn't be a surprise that China is looking to zero-emission vehicles to help tackle its air-quality issues. Beijing-based CH-Auto is looking to take advantage of that push with the country's first all-electric sports car dubbed the Event. The company used the recent Beijing Auto Show to show off its sleek two-seater EV. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Event packs a 48kWh battery and can sprint to 100KPH (62MPH) in less than five seconds. As for range, WSJ says we can expect about 155 miles on a charge, while recharging takes around six hours using a 220-volt source.

No firm price details are available yet, but analysts are expecting it to sell for roughly 700,000 yuan ($113,000). While this isn't the first time the Event has been shown off at the Beijing Auto Show, CH-Auto is inching closer to production with a projected start date in late 2016. Of course, the high-tech sports car is just the first in what CH-Auto hopes will be a full lineup cars, including more traditional, mass-market vehicles. The company reportedly wants to churn out up to 500,000 vehicles each year some day. Before those plans get off the ground, however, it'll have to convince local buyers to opt for its EV offering over traditional sports cars, established EV makers like Tesla and upcoming electric options from the likes of Aston Martin and others.

[Image credit: CH-Auto]

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Chinese automaker shows off country's first EV sports car