Microsoft wants third-party apps for its fitness tracker

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Microsoft wants third-party apps for its fitness tracker

Microsoft Band users might get to enjoy a lot more third-party apps in the near future. Redmond has released the full Band SDK, giving developers power to create fully functional apps for the fitness tracker. The company already launched a preview version back in February, which allowed devs to create tiles that send glanceable notifications to the wearable. However, that only gave them access to sensors and other basic features. According to the general manager of Microsoft's personal devices division, Zulfi Alam, the newer SDK lets developers take advantage of all the device's features/functions and comes with the ability to:

  • Build apps that support Windows.
  • Create own custom layouts for pages on third-party tiles using icons, text, buttons, and barcodes for payment options.
  • Receive events and button-click callbacks from the Microsoft Band to the phone app. If you press a button on a page inside your tile, the app will know which button was pressed.
  • Connect to the Band from background tasks.
  • Tap into calorie subscription from the Microsoft Band.

Since the Band syncs with Windows, Apple and Android devices, Microsoft uploaded separate versions for all three platforms. Hopefully, developers design their applications for all three, so no user gets left behind.

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