Apple music service will give artists control over what they share

Beats headphones and the iPhone 5c

Apple's oft-rumored, Beats-based streaming music service may have more to offer artists than a big wad of cash. Tipsters for 9to5Mac claim that the service (reportedly called just "Apple Music") will give artists the freedom to share things beyond their latest songs -- they could post music videos, concert details, photos and track samples, even if the content is from other performers. Think of it as an amped-up SoundCloud page, or a take on Apple's defunct Ping network that people might actually use. Artist activity is reportedly big enough that it'll be a "core feature," and you'd see it in the Android, iOS and desktop versions. Apple isn't confirming any of these details, as you might imagine, but previous rumors of a WWDC debut suggest that you'll hear more about this musician-friendly platform in early June.

[Image credit: Adam Berry/Getty Images for Apple]