SFW 'Playboy Now' app is only here for the articles

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SFW 'Playboy Now' app is only here for the articles

19 million people visit Playboy.com every month, 80 percent of which reportedly coming via mobile devices. In response to that demand, Playboy magazine has released a new mobile-centric app that gives its rabid fanbase exactly what they want: Buzzfeed-style listicles and light reading. Wait, what?

The app makes its way into the Android and iOS stores by dropping its famed nude pics -- which never would have passed iTunes muster anyway -- and focusing on written content instead. "We have a very engaged audience on mobile and about three-fourths comes after 4 p.m. So we are building this optimized experience for these guys who are coming back every day and there are millions of them," Phillip Morelock, Playboy senior vice president and chief product officer told USA Today. The unfathomably Safe For Work app features a smattering of easy-to-digest content including clever lists, video clips and offbeat news. But no nudity. Seriously, you'll see more skin on Game of Thrones than you will on this app.

[Image Credit: Cindy Ord via Getty Images]

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SFW 'Playboy Now' app is only here for the articles