Navy AR goggles turn a golf course into a battleground

Marines on a sunny golf course in Quantico, Virginia, this week demonstrated a pair of augmented reality glasses that simulate combat scenarios. The Office of Naval Research recently completed development of the goggles and this week hooked them up to a larger training system known as the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer for the first time. Representatives from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps showed up at Marine Corps Base Quantico to see the AITT in action. The AR glasses themselves have a wider field of view than similar products on the commercial market, and the full AITT experience incorporates real-life weapons props, binoculars and other physical equipment necessary in a potential combat zone. "For Marines, this system increases their situational awareness, whether for training or operations, giving them a wider aperture for information to help make better decisions," ONR action officer Le Nolan said.

[Image credit: (top) Eve A. Baker, Staff Writer, Quantico Sentry, (bottom) Nicole Lemoine / Graphic Artist, Vencore]