Facebook tests a new Security Checkup to keep your account safe

Over the last few years Facebook has made a number of tweaks to make it easier to protect your account from hackers, but that doesn't mean individual users are keeping up. Since there's no point to security features if people don't use them, and hacked accounts are annoying for everyone (why are they always selling sunglasses? Who wants cheap Oakleys that much?) it's testing a new Security Checkup feature. The idea is that it's a simple and straightforward walkthrough for some of the things everyone should keep an eye on in regards to their account -- update the password, double check connected apps and devices, activate login alerts -- and if the response is good, more people will see the prompt soon. If you (or your friend/relative with the account that's constantly pushing spam) aren't seeing it yet, a visit to the Privacy Basics page is another way to make sure things are locked down.