Microsoft's dedicated 'Gears of War' studio has a new name

Microsoft's done it again. After buying the Gears of War franchise last year, it's tasked one team to focus exclusively on that franchise and change its name in doing so. Sounds familiar, right? Canada's Black Tusk Studios is now known as The Coalition (a nod to the series' Coalition of Ordered Governments' hulking soldiers) and, you guessed it, the developers have one job: making Gears of War games. In a post on Xbox Wire, studio head Rod Fergusson says that like 343 Industries and Halo, he wants you to immediately associate The Coalition with musclebound meatheads wielding machine guns with chainsaw bayonets. So, a "real" game every few years with plenty of less-than-awesome output to fill in those gaps. Got it!

He also teases that we'll see what the team's been up to come E3 in a few weeks. Whether that's the Gears reissue that knocked a handful of testers offline or something else entirely, we won't have to wait too long to find out.