The next Apple Watch reportedly has a video chat camera

The first Apple Watch might have only just reached stores, but that isn't stopping rumors about Cupertino's next wearable. Sources for 9to5Mac claim that Apple already has some big plans for its second-generation Watch, and the highlight would be a front camera for video calls -- yes, you'd get to live out your Inspector Gadget dreams and have a face-to-face chat from your wrist. There's a chance this feature could get cut if there's either a change in the roadmap or logistical problems, but it's currently on the cards for a "likely" 2016 debut.

The reported upgrade would also be a big deal if you don't like lugging your iPhone around. You'd still need your handset for syncing and updates, but the Watch would get a new WiFi chipset that gives it more independence. You could message friends and otherwise use many apps without worrying about the phone you left at the other end of the house.

It's not clear if this future wearable would have other new tricks in store. However, the supposed leak suggests that Watch version two won't satisfy everyone. Apple is reportedly content with the battery life, which turned out better than expected -- future models should last the whole day, but you might not get a Pebble-like multi-day charge. Also, the tipsters claim that Apple is exploring new upscale models between the steel Watch and the solid gold Watch Edition, with no immediate mention of lowering the price of entry. While we won't be surprised if there's more to this future smartwatch than the rumor lets on, it may still leave plenty of room for improvement.