#EngadgetLive Boston is just two weeks away! (updated)

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#EngadgetLive Boston is just two weeks away! (updated)

We're getting pumped for our first Engadget Live event of the year, taking place at Boston's Royale Nightclub on July 17th from 7pm-10pm. Not only will you experience the latest in technology local to Boston and across the country, but you'll get to mingle with fellow gadget enthusiasts and some of Engadget's editorial team.

Our friends at Drizly (who make a magical app that delivers booze to your door), will host the bar and make sure your thirst is well quenched. You'll also get to go hands-on with the latest technology from Lenovo, including their collection of PCs and tablets (which, we've been told -- might be given away to some lucky attendees of Engadget Live).

If you're not going to be in Boston on July 17th, catch us in Los Angeles on August 21st or Austin on October 16th. And if you happen to be an organization looking to participate or sponsor our event, shoot us an email at sponsors[at]engadget.com

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