Sony has a new crowdfunding website for employee projects

Last year, Sony revealed a business program that encouraged employees to develop the most innovative ideas they can think of in an effort to find new hits. Now, the company has launched a crowdfunding and e-commerce platform called "First Flight" for products that come out of that project. While its main purpose is to raise funds for and sell Sony's experimental creations, the company's hoping it can also help connect it with audiences and gauge the public's interest. For its debut, First Flight is selling two products, which were already crowdfunded through third-party websites in the past: an e-paper smartwatch and a small device called "Mesh" tag that can turn devices into connected gadgets.

It's also scheduled to run a crowdfunding campaign for an e-paper remote control with a customizable display for six weeks. If you visit First Flight, you'll see that it's Japan-only for now, so you can't buy or support any of its projects if you don't live in the country. Sony didn't say whether it plans to launch it Stateside or elsewhere either -- we'll just have to wait for its decision if the venture proves to be a success.