'Very British Problems' Twitter feed gets a TV show

If you grew up in Britain, you've probably picked up a few odd societal quirks. Passive aggressive remarks, an inability to deal with extreme weather and an addiction to tea, for instance. For years, the Twitter account "Very British Problems" has been posting tweets that poke fun at these British mannerisms, attracting countless followers, retweets and favourites in the process. Now, Channel 4 is taking the concept and transforming it into a TV show. It's commissioned a three episode mini-series that will debut later this summer with a combination of amusing anecdotes, animations and archive footage. A wealth of British comedians have signed on to the project, including Jonathan Ross, James Corden and Ruth Jones. It's not the first show to take inspiration from social media, but hopefully Channel 4 will find a little more success than Selfie and $#*! My Dad Says.

[Image Credit: Philip Toscano/PA WIRE]