Twitch starts dumping Flash for HTML5

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Jessica Conditt
July 23, 2015 3:31 AM
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Twitch starts dumping Flash for HTML5

Twitch is ditching Flash. The first step is a redesign of its video player controls, swapping out the old Flash model for shiny, new HTML5 and Javascript controls. Twitch videos are still Flash-based for now, but this is all in preparation for a full HTML5 player. The new controls will be rolled out gradually to all users, and you'll notice them on channel pages first.

Twitch follows in YouTube's footsteps with today's switch: In January, YouTube dropped Flash to make HTML5 the default player for its videos. This came fiver years after YouTube started extolling the virtues of HTML5, while noting that Flash was, at the time, the "best platform" for the site.

As for Twitch, whatever keeps our weekly JXE Streams rolling, we're happy.

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