Soylent 2.0 comes ready-made in bottles

The next version of Soylent is perfect for anyone who's been intrigued by the curiously named food replacement, but doesn't want to deal with mixing messy powders and storing pitchers of liquid. Soylent 2.0 is actually going to be pre-mixed and bottled, making it just as convenient as plenty other nutritional drinks out there, like Ensure. Each bottle has around 20 percent of your daily recommended values for vitamins and minerals, and the drink also has a low glycemic index of 49.2 (which means it won't shoot up your blood sugar). It also has a shelf life of one year and doesn't require refrigeration, so you could conceivably keep a few around your desk for when you can't make it out for lunch. Soylent 2.0 is clearly an attempt by Rosa Labs to make its hyped up meal replacement, which has been popular with techies, more palatable with mainstream consumers.

A 12-pack will run you $29 when it starts shipping this October, whereas you'd have to shell out at least $70 to test out the powdered version (for 28 meals). And no, it's still not made of people. This time, the company is going with sustainable algae for half of its fat content (the protein component is still soy). "This next generation agricultural technology has the potential to reduce the ecological impact of food production by orders of magnitude, signifying a major step towards a future of abundance, a world where optimal nutrition is the new normal," the company said in a blog post. That's all well and good (if somewhat overly-optimistic), but our big hope is that this version of the drink doesn't taste like pancake batter.

The powdered Soylent mix won't be going anywhere, but expect to see the company touting this easier to use version more over time. If anything, it's a smart way for Soylent to get its product into stores so anyone can try it out.