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'Destiny' ditches Dinklage

'Destiny' ditches Dinklage
Jessica Conditt
Jessica Conditt|@JessConditt|August 4, 2015 3:22 PM

Before Destiny officially launched on consoles, it launched a meme: That wizard came from the moon! The phrase, which was printed on Bungie-sanctioned t-shirts (and sold like hotcakes), spawned from Peter Dinklage's awkward, non-committal voice acting as the game's helpful, floating Ghost character. Soon, we'll be able to tell if the dialogue was to blame, or if Dinklage simply phoned this one in: Bungie is replacing all of Dinklage's voice work in the main game with that of Nolan North, the voice actor behind Uncharted's Nathan Drake and Assassin's Creed's Desmond Miles (among many other credits). North spilled the beans to Game Informer this month.

"They let me bring what I wanted to the role," he said. "You have to give it your own spin. For that reason, I specifically said I didn't want to hear anything that someone else had done, so that I didn't have some preconceived notion of what it has to be. Instead, I just gave it my stamp, and let them direct me accordingly." Sounds like a good plan of action.

North's version of the Ghost makes its debut in The Taken King, a big Destiny expansion launching on September 15th. The Taken King ran into a bit of its own drama earlier this year, when Bungie announced a convoluted pricing structure for the DLC and extra content associated with it.

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But let's take this one hiccup at a time. Bungie eventually removed the moon-wizard line from the final game, and so far there's no word on whether it will be reinstated with North's new take. Fingers crossed.

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'Destiny' ditches Dinklage