PlayStation Plus members can vote for their next free game tomorrow

If you've ever been disappointed with the selection of "free" PS Plus games, listen up: Sony is giving you the chance to have a say over which titles make the next cut. Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to vote on three games via your PS4 -- action platformer Grow Home, the board game-inspired Armello and four-player brawler Zombie Vikings. The one with the most votes on August 24th will be crowned the victor and added to the September lineup. The other two will be discounted in the PlayStation Store, so you should still get a good deal regardless of how your preferred game fares. It's not the same as being able to freely pick a title, but it's certainly more choice than PlayStation fans have been offered in the past. Sony says this new "Vote to Play" initiative won't be occurring every month, however, so there's an extra incentive to use your influence this time around. If enough people participate, maybe the company will consider making it a standard perk.