LG's premium phones to get a Hi-Fi music service

LG is launching a new Hi-Fi music service later this month, but the company's not touting it as an Apple Music or a Spotify rival. After all, it will only be accessible through certain devices, particularly its premium phones, which likely includes the LG G4 and its predecessors, the G3 and the G2. The service will be available in 70 countries, including the US, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Russia, China and Italy. LG's announcement says the songs will have a 24bit/192kHz playback quality and that customers will be able to download two free songs (and buy more at up to 50 percent off) per month. Unfortunately, the company didn't mention a streaming option, so it's probably not in the cards. LG also didn't elaborate on its pricing scheme, but you can monitor the SmartWorld app or to find out as soon as the service goes live.