Bowers and Wilkins' new Zeppelin speaker nixes the dock to go wireless

Updated ·1 min read

Eight years ago, Bowers & Wilkins released its first Zeppelin speaker dock. After a few updates along the way, the company nixed the dock and went wireless for the new model. The appropriately named Zeppelin Wireless keeps the airship-esque design while adding support for AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth aptX connections. While the look might be familiar, the company says it redesigned "every element" to re-imagine "what is possible from a single speaker system." To do just that, Bowers & Wilkins used a group of five speakers: two Double Dome tweeters from its high-fi CM Series speakers, two mid-range drivers and a 6.5-inch subwoofer to manage the low end. The cabinet itself was also retooled for added strength and to reduce vibrations for improved overall sound quality.

In addition to the connectivity that we've already mentioned, Bower's & Wilkins has a Control app for iOS, Android, Mac and PC to lend a hand with playback functions and volume adjustments. And yes, there are on-board controls for play/pause and volume, too. The speaker also carries Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that's said to be twice as powerful as that of the previous Zeppelin speaker, which, in theory, will lead to enhanced clarity and depth of sound. If all of that sounds too good to pass up, the Zeppelin Wireless goes on sale today for $699 (£499). High-end audio is certainly not cheap.