GM and LG are working together on the Chevy Bolt electric car

In an unexpected, but interesting partnership, General Motors and LG today revealed they're working together on the development of the Chevy Bolt. This electric vehicle, which will reportedly launch in 2017 for $30,000, is expected to last over 200 miles on a single charge -- a lot more than the 2016 Volt hybrid. GM says LG's expertise in battery technology was a key factor to deem it a worthy associate, having previously worked with the South Korean company on the original Chevy Volt. As a result, LG is going to provide a number of components for the upcoming Bolt, including the onboard charger, battery cells and pack, battery heater and infotainment system.

"By taking the best of our in-house engineering prowess established with the Chevrolet Volt and Spark EV, and combining the experience of the LG Group, we're able to transform the concept of the industry's first long range, affordable EV into reality," Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain, said in a press release. LG, for its part, added that helping GM with the Chevy Bolt is "indicative of exactly the type of contributions that traditional tech companies can make in the automotive space."