Misfit's Shine 2 is a thinner, more colorful activity tracker

Misfit took a roundabout approach towards releasing a sequel for its svelte Shine activity tracker: It announced the cheaper, plastic Shine Flash last year, and it stepped into the connected home with the colorful Bolt smart bulb back at CES. Now, we finally have the Misfit Shine 2, and it should look pretty familiar to Misfit fans. Once again, it's made out of smooth aluminum, but it's a tad thinner and wider than the first Shine, which wasn't exactly a clunker in the first place. In addition to tracking your steps and basic sleep patterns, the Shine 2 now has a 3-axis magnetometer for slightly more accurate activity tracking. Misfit also swapped out the white LEDs on the front of the device with 12 colorful lights, and it now supports capacitive touch, which means it should be more responsive to your taps and swipes. You can nab a Shine 2 in either rose gold or black for $100 later in November.

For the most part, the Shine 2 looks like an incremental update for Misfit. It retains the first Shine's admirable six-month battery life (it's powered by a standard watch battery), but it doesn't add any significant new tracking options, like heart-rate sensing. As with all of Misfit's wearables, it's also compatible with the company's Link app, which lets you assign an assortment of tasks to the Shine 2 (for example, you can tap it to take a selfie, or use it to adjust your music). The original Shine is still sticking around for $69, and it remains a decent option for anyone looking for an inexpensive activity tracker.