Eye-tracking robot arm lets you paint while you eat

One day, you might not have to even touch a canvas to make a masterpiece. Scientists from Imperial College London have developed a system that lets you paint hands-free through a combination of eye tracking and a robotic arm. All you do is adjust your gaze and blink at the right times -- you can even munch on breakfast while you're in mid-oeuvre. The technology is crude at the moment, but it should eventually become intuitive enough that you can focus on perfecting your style, rather than mastering the basics.

Of course, this isn't just about enabling robotic Renoirs. The same technology would help you multitask in situations where you can't provide your undivided attention. More importantly, the eye-tracking arm could aid paralysis victims and anyone else who doesn't have full use of their limbs. It might spare patients from brain implants needed for hands-off control, and help them enjoy activities that would otherwise be off-limits.