Apple's latest Android app gives you control of the Beats Pill+

When the new Beats speaker, its first since joining Apple, was announced earlier this month, the companion app and its added features were only ready for iOS. Now that the Pill+ is on sale, Beats released an Android version of the software, too. This marks Apple's second Android app, following the Move to iOS tool that arrived in September to help you switch to an iPhone. If you're in need of a refresher, the Pill+ app provides a DJ mode that'll let more than one person control the tunes and allows you to pair two of the speakers for a bigger sound. The software is available from Google Play now, so if you already made the purchase, or are waiting for yours to be delivered, you can download the app on your Android handset or slate to make the most of it. And Apple Music should arrive for Google's mobile OS soon enough to round out the setup.