Google Nexus 6P's display will be tough to replace

Google's new big phone, the Nexus 6P, has no separate display assembly: that's what iFixit has discovered when it tore its first Huawei-made device down. Upon pulling the phone apart, almost all its internal components besides the NFC antenna came right off in one piece. The team was able to separate the parts from each other (and some were pretty easy to pry off), but that means anyone repairing a damaged display will have to dig through the whole phone. Troublesome, since display issues are one of the most common problems. iFixit also notes that it's "very difficult" not to injure the camera cover when opening the device, and it will be hard putting in replacement components in general due to the 6P's unibody design. Nevertheless, the team says the phone feels durable, has a humongous battery and has all the other components Google says it does -- you just have to be careful not to break it.