Microsoft's Surface Book is near impossible to fix yourself

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Jon Fingas
November 3rd, 2015
Microsoft's Surface Book is near impossible to fix yourself

If you took one look at Microsoft's unique Surface Book and guessed that it'd be an absolute bear to fix... you guessed well. The do-it-yourself repair crew at iFixit has torn down the hybrid laptop, and it's just as tough to repair as the Surface Pro line despite the larger two-piece design. Just about everything is glued or soldered, and the "upside down" circuitry means that you'll usually be yanking out the whole motherboard to access parts. About the only thing you can realistically replace is the solid-state drive, and that's provided that you can get the system open. The inaccessibility isn't completely surprising -- Microsoft had to slim down that oddball shape somehow, and fused-together components are usually how you do it. Still, this may be a disappointment if you were hoping to keep the Surface Book in tip-top shape without paying someone else to fix it.

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