'Need for Speed' balances opponents and adds neon later this month

Need for Speed is one of this fall's best games (it really does deserve your attention) and it's about to receive some changes. First up are tweaks to the game's computer-controlled opponents. Developer Ghost Games says it's working to make the rubberband AI, what keeps the other racers close by you regardless of how much of a lead you've built, "more balanced." If you're a fan of the current system, hopefully this new addition will be an option rather than a requirement. The game's visual customizations are getting some newfound love as well: a look at neon lighting kits, functional mirrors, more pre-made vinyl sets (additional features for that, too) and a better color picking system. Ghost is increasing the level cap and adding a smattering of new achievements, too.

The team promises this will be the first of many free updates to come as part of its Living Game, with a release scheduled for the end of November; currently there are "no plans" for paid add-on packs. If publisher Electronic Arts lets Ghost handle Need for Speed's post-launch period how it did the now-defunct Criterion Games (Ghost's progenitor) handle Burnout: Paradise, the next year could be pretty awesome.

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