Your new Apple TV finally works with the Remote app

An Apple TV update brings Remote support and Siri control over Apple Music.

Ask owners about their biggest gripes with the new Apple TV and they'll probably mention the text input. Given that the Remote app hasn't worked with the box since launch, you've been forced to enter account info and text searches very... very... slowly. At last, however, relief is in sight: a new Apple TV update brings support for the Remote app on both your iOS devices and the Apple Watch (through the equally new watchOS 2.1). You can now break out your iPhone the next time a streaming video app wants your password.

This is also a big improvement if you're a music maven. You can use Siri to control the Music app's playback much as you would on your iOS gear, such as asking it to play a track or a radio station. This will make the most sense if you're an Apple Music subscriber, but it's still a tangible improvement for a box whose song-playing skills were a bit undercooked.