YouTube's 2015 Rewind brings you cage dancing and gamers

YouTube's latest year-end retrospective acknowledges your game video habits.

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YouTube's 2015 Rewind brings you cage dancing and gamers

YouTube may not be the first internet giant to serve up a year-end retrospective this week, but it's making up for that in style. The video service has posted the 2015 edition of its annual Rewind video recapping the year's trends, and this one pays an ode to more than just the usual internet celebrities and viral clips. On top of mainstays like iJustine and Rhett & Link, the look-back also includes gaming stars like Markiplier (on the left) -- a plug for YouTube Gaming, to be sure, but also a tribute to the rise of Let's Play videos. You'll get your fair share of dancing, too, whether it's in a cage or in retro clothing.

Oh, and one more thing: YouTube has made it easier to follow trends in the future. There's a new Trending tab on the web and mobile apps that shows fast-rising clips, so you won't miss out on a viral sensation while it's still relatively hot. If it works as promised, you may know exactly what will show up in next year's Rewind video.

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