An insurance provider is offering cyberbullying coverage

The policy will even pay for repairing damaged online reputations.

A high-end insurance provider in the UK has become what's thought to be the first to include personal cover for victims of cyberbullying. Chubb Insurance -- unrelated to the lock and security system companies of similar name, if you were wondering -- began offering the so-called "troll insurance" to new customers last month, and will extend the option to policy renewers in the new year. While some other providers will cover the cost of launching or defending a cyberbullying lawsuit, Chubb's policy focuses on the wellbeing of the adult or child on the receiving end of online abuse.

The insurer's clients will be able to claim up to £50,000 (nearly $76,000) in expenses for counseling, moving home and work leave. For particularly serious cases, there's even the option to bring in a team to repair a tarnished online reputation, and employ a forensics squad to track down anonymous trolls and bring them to justice.