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Nike's iPhone Fuel app no longer needs a FuelBand to track activity


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Nike is finally taking advantage of all those health tracking sensors in your iPhone for its flagship Fuel app, which previously required one of its Fuelbands to work. The latest version of the free Fuel app includes support for Apple's HealthKit platform, which means it'll take in the data that's already being tracked on the iPhone 5S and newer models. Conversely, you'll also be able to see your NikeFuel points (its unique way of counting your activity) on the Apple Health app. Nike already supported HealthKit with its standalone running app, so it was only a matter of time until it brought that functionality to the Fuel app. Of course, Nike also needs to make sure its flagship app is ready for the Apple Watch, which also tracks HealthKit data and is expected sometime in the next few months. And, after the company laid off most of its hardware team last year, it's not like we'll be seeing new Fuelbands from Nike anytime soon.

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