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Tago Arc is an e-ink bracelet that can change designs


A new smart bracelet called Tago Arc can't notify you of incoming messages or monitor your activities, but it has already raised more than its $40,000 goal on Indiegogo. Why? Because it has the potential to become a high-tech fashionista's best friend, provided it works flawlessly. See, you can easily swap the design on the Tago Arc's e-ink screen, and since that screen takes up most of the accessory, you're effectively changing the jewelry's whole look. If you're wondering, yes you can create your own designs to come up with a unique bracelet for each outfit, but you can also buy images from the accompanying app for around $1 a pop.

You'll need to use an NFC-enabled Android phone to transfer each image, though, and iPhones are a no-go for now, since their NFCs are still locked to Apple Pay. The device also absorbs any power it needs via NFC while linked to your phone, and since it has no other features and uses a low-power e-ink screen, it doesn't need batteries to work. At the moment, it still takes quite some time (15 seconds or so) to transfer a picture, but the Tago Arc team is working to make the process faster before the first devices ship out to backers in December.

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