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Ex-Beats CEO's game taps our weird talent show fixation


The co-creator of the service behind Beats music has launched a game that plays on the public's love for shows like X-Factor and Glee. Called Chosen, it lets users either record and upload their performances, or act as judges to give other musicians the old Simon Cowell treatment on video. As in the televised versions, the cream of performers and judges will rise to the top of the rankings and get... well, bragging rights, anyway.

On one hand, the app's promise to let judges "become the ultimate tastemakers" or turn performers into local big shots is a bit crass. On the other hand, the new venture looks like a clever way to marry social apps to our obsession with talent competitions. Either way, app creator David Hyman certainly has the bonafides, as he also built the Mog music streaming service that eventually became Beats Music. (Unfortunately the transaction turned messy, and Hyman ended up suing Beats for $20 million following Dre & company's Apple deal.) Chosen is now available for free on iOS, but could be monetized later with in-app purchases, according to Re/Code.

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