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Daily Roundup: Comcast rethinks bid for Time Warner, Project Fi and more!


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In today's Daily Roundup, read about Comcast reportedly dropping its bid for Time Warner Cable, how Google's Project Fi mobile phone service will work and get the details on an amazing Jedi mode for Star Wars Galaxy that never quite happened. All these stories and more below!

Comcast will reportedly drop its bid for Time Warner Cable

That heavily-criticized $45 billion Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger? Well, it looks like it's not going to happen after all. Bloomberg reports that the former company is dropping its bid to acquire the latter, with an official announcement expected as soon as tomorrow. Just yesterday, reports surfaced that the Federal Communications Commission proposed a hearing, serving as the latest sign that the merger could be doomed.

A cheat sheet to Project Fi, Google's mobile phone service

Rumors of Google breaking into the wireless carrier game have been fodder for scoops, breathless reports and thinkpieces for years now, and for the longest time it looked like the search giant just couldn';t make it happen. Yesterday Google put all that to rest. Project Fi is finally here (if invite-only and fully compatible with one phone) -- here is what you absolutely need to know about it.

The amazing 'Star Wars Galaxies' Jedi mode that never was

"Well, my opinion is Jedi are evil." That's how Raph Koster, creative director of the 2003 MMO Star Wars Galaxies, begins discussing the problems that faced his design team back in the day. Jedi were too powerful, too desirable and too canonically rare to be successfully implemented in Star Wars Galaxies as a standard class -- and this was precisely why so many fans ditched the game when its third major patch added Jedi as a starting character. Before launch, the Star Wars Galaxies creative team obsessed over ways to implement playable Jedi into the game, and one solution stands out to Koster as "the crazy idea I still wish we had done."

Will Tidal's artist exclusives ruin streaming music?

Tidal, the Jay Z-led music-streaming service, recently relaunched at the end of March with a roster of high-profile celebrity backers, like Madonna, Rihanna and Kanye West. The event was much more than an obvious photo-opp; it was a statement: In addition to a ceremonial pact signing, the group of over a dozen artists pledged to tackle fair compensation and improve the current state of streaming affairs for consumers and musicians. Part of this strategy involves offering content exclusive to Tidal.

This smartphone is extra-secure and stronger than steel

How do you stand out if you're a fledgling smartphone maker that can't compete on specs alone? If you're Turing Robotic Industries, you pour your energy into clever design -- both inside and out. The newly unveiled Turing Phone puts an emphasis on security, with its own server-free encrypted communication between owners and a fingerprint reader that encourages you to lock down your device. There's also an Apple-like magnetic charging system, so you won't send your phone flying.

House passes bill allowing corporations to share your data

If you wanted to explain the dilemma of privacy versus security to a curious relative, the Protecting Cyber Networks Act would be a good place to start. The bill has just been passed by the House of representatives (voting 307-116 in favor), and is designed to prevent future cyber attacks by allowing corporations to share information with each other and the government. Civil liberties groups claim the bill tramples on the privacy of the customers, and opens the door for agencies like the NSA to access their data (not that it needs much help, it seems).

Aziz Ansari is getting his own Netflix comedy series

Netflix must have liked the response to Aziz Ansari's latest stand-up special, as it's about to give the comedian a lot more screen time. Deadline understands that the streaming service has ordered a 10-episode series co-created by Ansari and Parks and Recreation executive producer Andy Yang. It's not clear what the plot of the show will be (there are hints of a semi-autobiographic theme), but it'll be co-produced by some of Ansari's Parks and Recreation pals and include guests like Homeland's Claire Danes.

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