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Facebook offers up its autoplay video ads to other apps

Billy Steele

If you're already annoyed with the autoplay video ads in your Facebook timeline, you might want to brace yourself. The social network is opening up that advertising tech to outside apps, or more specifically, to publishers who leverage Menlo Park's Audience Network for their advertisements. In addition to those clips that play automatically, developers can leverage "dynamic product ads" that serve up content based on your browsing habits, carousel ads with up to five images and the more common (and less annoying) click-to-play videos. Of course, ads, especially on mobile, have been a big money maker for Facebook, and now it's further expanding that reach.

Since launching last year, the Audience Network has provided publishers and developers with engaging, high performing ad units backed by Facebook's two million advertisers. Today, we are excited to announce a significant expansion of ad types and formats available in the Audience Network. The goal is even better outcomes for you, your advertisers and the people that use your app.Learn more about how you can enable native video ads for your app -

Posted by Facebook Developers on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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