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DirecTV's first 4K set-top box works with any screen


DirecTV only kinda-sorta launched 4K programming last year. You had to own both a specific DVR and a compatible Samsung TV to watch those extra-crispy documentaries and movies, which left many 4K TV owners 'stuck' with 1080p. It's going to be a lot easier after today, though -- the newly AT&T-owned provider has trotted out its first 4K set-top box, the 4K Genie Mini. The tiny device (roughly the size of a paperback) will deliver 4K to any set that can handle the higher resolution, not just DirecTV 4K Ready models. It'll handle Dolby Digital Plus audio, too, if you happen to have an eligible surround sound setup. This is still a long, long way from watching regular TV in 4K, but it should give you more to watch on that super-sharp display than the occasional Amazon or Netflix show.

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