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Amazon gets hacker drama 'Mr. Robot' as a UK Prime exclusive


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Netflix has a large roster of exclusive TV shows and documentaries to attract new subscribers, so to compete, Amazon has started doing the same for Prime Video. The latest show to join its UK library is Mr. Robot, a 10-episode thriller about a cybersecurity engineer turned vigilante hacker. Think Batman, if he decided to do all of his crimefighting with code instead of fisticuffs and gadgets. The show isn't technically an original -- it aired earlier this year on the USA Network in North America. It's never been shown (legally) in the UK before though, so it could be an important exclusive for Amazon come October 16th. The company has had limited success with its originals -- Transparent is the only show to achieve true breakout success -- so picking up proven series in this manner could be smart. The deal with NBCUniversal means Mr. Robot will also be a streaming exclusive for Amazon in the US, Germany, Austria and Japan. It's an uphill battle, but with a Top Gear successor on the horizon Amazon is slowly accruing the firepower needed to launch a legitimate offence.

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