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Bluetooth is getting big range and speed boosts in 2016

Billy Steele

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If you're like me, you employ multiple Bluetooth devices on a daily basis. From headphones to speakers and household gadgets, the wireless connectivity drives many of our tech habits. Thanks to the Bluetooth SIG, the company that oversees the wireless technology, the connectivity that we use on the regular will be a lot better in 2016. The group announced today that in order to improve the experience with connected devices that fall under the Internet of Things (IoT), its making some big updates. While the changes are aimed at smart home gadgets, industrial automation and location-based services, Bluetooth connections in general will have four times the range and a 100% speed boost without requiring more power. This means faster data transfers for medical uses, for example. The Bluetooth SIG is also working on mesh networking so that a collection of individual devices could work together to blanket an entire area or building. This would have a major impact on homes, with the potential for all of those connected wares to work more efficiently. Of course, it means that setups like iBeacon and Google Eddystone could see improvements, too.

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