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The biggest data center in Russia will be nuclear powered

Because of course it will.

According to the news agency Telecom Daily, the Rosenergoatom power company is building what will be the largest data center in Russia -- and they're plopping it right on top of the Kalinin power station. Located about 120 miles northwest of Moscow, the station will provide the 80 MW that engineers estimate will be needed to power the data center's 10,000 or so server racks. The construction is projected to cost $975 million, not including the IT buildout.

Only ten percent of these racks will be reserved for Rosenergoatom's use, the rest will be available for lease by commercial customers. Given Russia's stringent new data storage laws, which demand that any data on Russian citizens be stored in domestic servers, business should be brisk. The company has reportedly already reached out to Facebook and Google to offer space at the new facility.

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