OMsignal's biometric sports bra hits stores this spring

The OMbra tracks heart rate, breathing, steps and calories.

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OMsignal's biometric sports bra hits stores this spring

Four years ago, OMsignal set out to make a biometric sports bra -- but a lack of experience in clothing design hampered the company's progress. Eventually, the team released the OMsignal smart shirt, a product that worked, but only served half of the market. That's not a problem anymore: OMsignal just announced the OMbra, a biometric garment designed specifically for women.

For the most part, the OMbra is just the female counterpart to the company's original biometric shirt -- using the same sensors and apps to deliver heart rate, breathing data and step tracking to the user's phone. The hard part, the company says, was getting the garment portion right. According to OMsignal's data, most women pick the wrong bra size for their athletic wear, and a poorly supported chest can change how they'll run. To help mitigate this, OMsignal says it's designed a stretchable, mesh product with non-intrusive adjustable straps, ensuring a good fit.

The OMBra is set to hit stores later this spring, and will launch with OMsinal's new OMrun platform -- a set of metrics designed to help runners track their breathing rhythm, fatigue, running economy and more. That's a lot of OM.

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