Tablo gives your Apple TV a DVR for live video

Apple's set-top box just got much more useful for cord-cutting.

By itself, the new Apple TV's full-fledged app support only partly fulfills cord-cutting dreams. You can subscribe to loads of streaming services, but you can't quite recreate the experience of watching live broadcasts. However, the makers of the Tablo DVR have an answer to that dilemma. They've unveiled a version of their streaming app for the Apple TV, giving you a way to both watch live over-the-air TV and record it for posterity. This solution isn't cheap -- you're looking at a minimum $200 for the box, and that's before the subscription ($5 per month, $50 per year or $150 lifetime) you'll need if you want programming guide data. Nonetheless, the app will probably be your best bet at unifying internet and OTA TV when it shows up this spring.

Oh, and one more thing: Tablo's app is coming to LG TVs, too. So long as your big screen uses at least webOS 2.0, you'll get the DVR features without having to buy anything more besides the Tablo box. It's also arriving in the spring, or just in time to feed content to LG's brand new sets.