Go behind the scenes of the State of the Union with Snapchat

Unlike snaps, the Obama administration's social media dominance won't disappear any time soon.

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Go behind the scenes of the State of the Union with Snapchat

The White House announced today that it had joined Snapchat ahead of tomorrow's State of the Union address, the last before President Obama leaves office. Snapchat is a social site where users' fleeting posts disappear after just a few seconds. It boasts over 100 million active users, most of which weren't even old enough to vote when he was elected -- that is, they're under 25. Users can follow the president's posts by adding WhiteHouse or scanning the snapcode below.

The move is part of the administration's continuing efforts to reach citizens through non-traditional channels. The White house is already "meeting people where they are" as the blog announcement states, with a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Even the president's personal Twitter account has garnered nearly 6 million followers.

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